Property transfers: N. Wisner Street home sells for $515,000

<p>Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr</p>

Photo credit: Justin Shearer | Flickr


EDITOR’S NOTE: Content appears as it is provided in public records.

Park Ridge

1343 Courtland Ave: Fred G Schoenfeld to Vito V Maselli and Anne R Maselli for $460,000 on Dec. 9

1112 S Hamlin Ave: Betsy Dollar Trust, Elizabeth Dollar Trust and Joyce A Keitel Trust to True Dimensions Inc for $325,000 on Dec. 13

1126 N Northwest Highway: Gabrial W Slaiwa to Antoni Sadko and Marta Sadko for $255,000 on Dec. 9

1128 Tyrell Ave: Rory J Fidler to Lech Nadborski for $200,000 on Dec. 13


8810 N Wisner St: Arthur Hirsch and Di- anne Hirsch to Htmg LLC for $515,000 on Dec. 10

River Forest

1511 Monroe Ave: Christopher G Markey and Margret M Markey to Keith H McLamb and Camille V McLamb for $445,000 on Dec. 10

435 William St, #505: Joseph R Lundy Trust and Robert W Lundy Trust to Cheng Kwong Tai Oscar and Kit Man Tsang for $221,000 on Dec. 11

Melrose Park

1103 N 18th Ave: Michael E Jones and Patricia Jones to Jose L Perez for $167,000 on Dec. 10

1405 35th Ave: Mary Ann Barauskas and Scott Barauskas to Armando Marti- nez for $98,000 on Dec. 12


328 Village Drive: Homes Ltd Cmls to Mireilyn Galarza and Francisco Galarza for $160,000 on Dec. 10

101 Dodd Ave: Jay Nielsen to Joel W Smith for $128,000 on Dec. 11

Stone Park

1736 35th Ave: Donald F Shockley Trust and Lynn Imperiale Trust to Raul Perez for $60,000 on Dec. 12

1825 N 40th Ave: Johnnie Santana and Daisy Santana to Angelica Irigoyen for

$145,000 on Dec. 12

Morton Grove

7911 Luna Ave: Niles Township Schools Cu to Devon Bank for $195,000 on Dec. 13

5841 Cleveland St: Michael J Moore to Hak Kwon Oh and Rathear Loeun for $337,500 on Dec. 11

8646 Callie Ave: Robert A Avery to Michael S Swanson and Eryn Swanson for $275,000 on Dec. 12

7640 Arcadia St: Anthony Lazzara and Rosa Lazzara to Rizwan Mohammed and Hajira Fatima for $327,500 on Dec. 10

Oak Park

1233 Woodbine Ave: Robert M Stefanski and Marianne K Stefanski to Kimberlee I Smith for $465,000 on Dec. 9

1219 N Lombard Ave: Mark D Shelton and Altha A Shelton to Erin E Fruth for $292,000 on Dec. 12

615 N Marion St: David Fish and Van Cleaf-Fish Donna Sue to Brennan P Hit- pas and Andrea L Hitpas for $771,000 on Dec. 10

240 S Oak Park Ave, #2: William Rudolph and Ashley Sinclair to Christian Ludwig and Judit Ludwig-Janosy for $195,000 on Dec. 10

713 S Maple Ave: Debra Samuels Trust and Margaret M Vorrier Trust to Bryan L Williams and Dawn N James for $252,000 on Dec. 11


3103 St Charles Road: Baldomero Barrios to Karen Redmond for $145,000 on Dec. 10

3414 Monroe St: United Entertainment Investments Inc to Gwendolyn Olivier for $135,000 on Dec. 9


6533 N Nokomis Ave: Tony Pehar and Mary Ann Pehar to Robert J Kirinocic for $520,000 on Dec. 13

Forest Park

103 Marengo Ave: Eric Rosenblum to Mi- chael J Kaspar for $340,000 on Dec. 11

Des Plaines

9382 Landings Lane, #505: Halina

Sokolowska to Miroslaw Den for $82,000 on Dec. 12

1338 S 6th Ave: Vilma Papaleka to Thomas Helma for $258,000 on Dec. 10

9133 W Emerson St: Steven Yellen and Sherwin Yellen to Helene D Suleiman and Hanna Ishak for $165,000 on Dec. 10


7649 W Balmoral Ave: Alexandra J Grivas to Daniel Dyslin and Stella Dyslin for $182,500 on Dec. 10

6540 Irving Park Road, #310: Darlene P Calistri to Richard Lam for $145,000 on Dec. 10

6430 W Belle Plaine Ave, #207: Carol M Schneider to Barbara Stankiewicz and Kazimierz Rubinstein for $90,000 on Dec. 12

3452 N Rutherford Ave: S&L Construc- tion & Mgmt LLC to Ih3 Property Il LP for $285,000 on Dec. 10

4573 N Moody Ave: Magdalena Maslik- iewicz to Adam C Pack and Jennifer M Herzfeld for $465,000 on Dec. 10 

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